We Breathe Entertainment

Who We Are

And Why We Matter To You

Entertainment is Important. Capital-I Important. The entertainment we create gives the audience
a window into how we see the world on a fundimental level. The entertainment we consume moulds our minds and shapes our hearts,
and directly influences how we relate to others and act upon the world. Perhaps this is why we've seen, time and again, technological and social advances
that mimic entertainment that came before. Maybe this is why propaganda made using entertainment methods and techology
have been so effective at helping to win wars... and helping at propagating some of the worst travesties in human history. Fortunately
entertainment, properly recorded, is durable and persistent, and the entertainment of the past is essential when trying
to understand those who came before us. So, too, will the entertainment of the present be essential for understanding us.

BlakWurm Entertainment is dedicated to helping people create and consume entertainment. Currently, we're working on several
RPG-related projects, which will help small groups of friends more efficiently experience each other's imaginations and